Who Are We?

A group of friends, passionate about technology, ready to take on challenges that will provide customers with outstanding performances.
A team of hardworking people with serious IT education.
… and not to forget, we are a software development company!

Why do we exist?

The digital economy changed the way people live and interact in tremendous ways. Companies  can target the whole world, within the fluid limits of internet and civilization.
We speak complex business, we speak complex software to backup your processes and expansion.
We have experienced multiple ecosystems, gathered experience and want to share that experience with partners in need.
… and we love fierce challenges

What are we good at:

Understanding your requirements, helping you to figure out a solution, proposing you fresh aproaches and solid improvements.
…. and we are also good at programming, too . All modesty excluded.

Where do we want to get

The journey is what matters. We love what we do and we want to continue doing it in the future.
Within this journey we will continuously improve our knowledge our processes and the overall customer experience.
We want to make beautiful software, efficient applications, customers happy.
… and of course get the money, and live rich on an island.


Updated constantly to the latest technologies so that we produce software that will be easy to mentain in the future


Pasionate engineers and dedicated team players with a high level of motivation


Trained through demanding projects in various business domains


So we can keep up with the quickly evolving requirements and technologies

Why Choose Us?

Because we can fulfill the following aspirations regarding software development:

Be on time

Have high quality

Keep the right budget

Why Nearshore Romania

Romania has long been acknowledged as one of the best destinations for IT outsourcing, due to the large & talented pool of IT graduates and professionals, lower costs than in Western Europe & US and culture similarity to the Western Europe countries & US than more distant Asian countries.

We dare to present you some interesting facts about the IT Industry in Romania. The number of engineers per capital is greater than the US, India, China, or Russia.

Romania has more Informatics and Math Olympiad medals than any other European nation, and is 3rd globally after Russia (URSS) and China Top 10 globally in the number of certified IT specialists


Timisoara: 0 km


Viena: 500 km


Munchen: 900 km


Prague: 800 km


Paris: 2h Flight


London: 3h Flight

  • Geographically close

    Particularly in Timisoara, we are very close to important cities in Central Europe ( Viena :500 km , Praque -800 km, Munchen -900, Paris – 2h Flight).
    For Romanians, EU members, there are no requirements for VISAS and no restrictions for staying in EU countries.

  • Similar Languages

    Our engineers in Timisoara speak fluently : english, french, german.

  • Similar Time Zones

    Difference of 1-2 hours from all the European Time Zones.

  • Easier to set-up control mechanism